Holiday in Greece by Rhythm

I went to Greece with my family from the 20th to the 27th of July. It was amazing to travel abroad after a very long time! For me it was like another world! We went to Santorini. It is such a gorgeous place to be! There are different kinds of beaches like the red beach.  You’ll definitely feel like taking a dip in the sea! Laying in the sun, getting tanned and being carefree. The vibrance of the city is electrifying in the night-time! There are so many people there, because in the night its cooler and not as hot. That’s why people are likely to go out and enjoy themselves!

One of my favourite things was the Spiridakos Cruise. I had the best day ever! The crew were welcoming and so nice. They kept me company. I laughed all throughout cruise! I can’t express what a day it was to be surrounded by lovely people! I couldn’t have asked for more. We had a delicious lunch with red sauce spaghetti and zuccuni.  

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