Jack Petchey award winner

Our Award Winner…. Drum roll…. is ….

Dean Said

Dean has been committed to his sessions at Our Barn Community. He has maintained his positive input and matured over the last year. Deanooo as his friends like to chant is always complimentary towards his friends at youth club and multisports. He is so proud to share his musical skills on the piano with everyone.  He has stepped up his fitness regime and improved his overall health as a result. Dean is thinking healthy and as a result has become healthier. Dean has even started to walk to and from Jubilee Lodge independently. He is so enthusiastic about his fitness and we want to encourage him to keep up the good work. Dean has developed his leadership and now leads parts of the sessions at multisports.

Dean has dealt with many extreme challenges this year, his resilience to overcome these challenges is outstanding. Dean accepts support and as a result has become more independent. Dean is a bright and shining star, he is kind and friendly, he is fun and funny.

We all love spending time with Dean and want to congratulate him on all his achievements.

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