Onward Film Review – Luke Thexton

Onward – 10/10

This movie is an amazing mix of fantasy and modern civilisation. Even though the movie feels like buddy road trip adventure there’s also a sense of desperation behind it. Why? Well the story takes place in a world full of magical creatures and magic. But when technology gets invented the creatures just forget about magic all together and establish a new civilisation and way of life which is identical to ours. The main story focus around two elf brothers, who use a magic staff, to try and bring their deceased dad back to life for one full day. The plan works only half right with only the bottom half of the father being brought back. Now the two brothers now only have 24 hours to get the rest of their father back before the sun sets. It’s a high stakes adventure with action, some good comedy and beautiful voice acting from Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

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