Our Barn Community Cup – Lewis Romp

Hi I’m Lewis, I took part in this tournament and Our Barn Community was mixed into 2 teams, White Team & Green Team.

I was in the green team with Jai, lagan, Mo, Tarek & Ben, every individual on and off the pitch brought so much great energy and determination!.

From an all round perspective I feel the tournament couldn’t of gone any better it was perfectly arranged and set by the Our Barn manger Taj (which by the way HE was a awesome manager) and the second organiser Ben, every team that took part , you was outstanding, I saw teamwork, I saw a real togetherness and a Community in every team, it wasn’t about winning or losing on the day! But it was about going out there an having fun!

I want to say a huge congratulations to all teams for winning there individual medals and Hounslow Lions on winning the main trophy, I was honoured to be given the Our Barn Champion Award by Jamie, I was quite shocked and stunned at first but as Jamie explained it wasn’t for being the best player But the award was for motivating my team and others around me and being a good sportsmanship.

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