Pump ‘n’ grind community cafe – rhythm agarwal

Hi I am Rhythm and I have been volunteering at Pump & Grind café for the past few weeks. My experience has been great. Working in the café for me, was getting out of home! In the café I got to meet people, learn new skills, become more disciplined, have a good work ethic and be active. I also got to see what a café work environment is. Working in a team.

I have done so many jobs, and from these jobs I have enhanced my skills and capabilities. The jobs that I have done so far are: wiping chairs and tables, cleaning dishes, mopping the floor, doing washing, watering plants, organising the drinks in the fridge and washing the vegetables. It has been amazing to do all kinds of jobs.  I have learnt from working in the café that you should be willing and humble.

The café menu has got delicious and a variety of food items. The items are: Paninis and inside the Panini you can have mozzarella, Ham, Tuna, peppers, cheese, salad, hummus and Pitta. They have also started their own Ice coffee.  They have different flavours like: vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel and soft drinks. They also have brownies and Flapjacks. We always get to have a lovely lunch as a team! My favourite drink is the Hazelnut Ice Coffee.

I think everyone should get a chance to work in any café, at the beginning of their career. It makes them hardworking and it also prepares them for their futures. They get an experience of different skills.

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