Seasons can create it’s magic – Rhythm Agarwal

There are four seasons in our life and they have different perspectives, they can also change our feeling in the day.

The four seasons are: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

They create their own beauty in the world!

How they make the world different…

Autumn is for making the floor a green carpet

Having patches of leaves on the ground,

Glorifying the floor.

Giving it a new feel.

Giving it a different look.

Winter is about dressing up,

Nice and warm.

Feeling cosy!

Being cuddled up in bed.

Watching snow sprinkling on the ground!

Spring is for being alive!

Having sunshine!

Blossoming colourful flowers!


Summer is for the beach.

On a hot boiling day,

Getting a feel of soft sand.

Hearing the sea waves.

Dipping your feet,

In the cold water.

Having a cooler mind set.

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