Soul Movie Review – Luke Thexton

 Soul – 8/10

This is one of the most meaningful movies I have seen. The story is about a man called Joe Gardner who teachers jazz at middle school and then lands a place to play with a band in a bar. But when he’s on the phone he accidentally falls down a manhole, dies and then we see his soul going up to the Great Beyond. But because he doesn’t want leave earth yet he tries to get back to his body and ends up in the Great Before, the place where all souls come from. He ends mentoring a soul called number 22 and tries to work what its purpose is before it goes to earth. And I’m saying it because since it’s just a soul it doesn’t have a gender yet. This movie seems to act as commentary on the meaning of life and what your purpose in life is. I think the message of the movie is that everyone has a purpose in life and a reason to live. And even if you don’t know what you want to do in life you shouldn’t just sit around waiting for it. Your purpose and reason is something that you go out there and find yourself. The only question is: Are ready to live it?

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