Amarpreet Achieves

Congratulations to Amarpreet for receiving the Jack Petchey certificate in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the Youth Club! It’s clear that Amarpreet has made a significant impact on the club and the lives of its members.

Amarpreet’s dedication to welcoming new members, supporting the staff, and serving as a positive role model to her friends is truly commendable. Her kindness and helpfulness have not only been noticed but also appreciated by her peers and youth workers, which speaks volumes about her character and commitment.

Amarpreet’s achievements are a testament to her leadership, compassion, and the positive influence she has had on the youth club community. It’s wonderful to see young people like Amarpreet making a difference in their communities and being recognized for their efforts. Once again, congratulations to Amarpreet on this well-deserved recognition!

Amarpreet is a great leader at Multisports

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