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Spies In Disguise 10/10

Have you ever wondered what a movie featuring Will Smith and Tom Holland would be like? Well, if you have then this is the movie for you. In this family/comedy spy movie, a secret agent called Lance Sterling is on the hunt for someone who has stolen a piece of tech and then gets framed for the crime. So, he goes to meet Walter Beckett a scientist who has created something that can help him to disappear. But instead of turning him invisible or something like that, it transforms him into a pigeon. Yes, a pigeon. But despite this, Lance is still determined to clear his name and find the person responsible. This movie is filled with great comedy, an overall story you will love and a good commentary on people who do bad things. That they aren’t always just born bad. They just had a hard childhood or just made some decisions that backfired in some way. There is no universal way to define someone based on their actions. The overall message is there is no good or bad, just people.

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