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Now, most of us never really wondered why Buzz Lightyear became Andy’s most favorite toy back in Toy Story. But with that being said, this is still a pretty solid movie. At the start of the film, we’re given a statement that says Buzz was the star of Andy’s favorite movie and this is that movie. So, it’s like a really meta moment at the start of the film. The plot is that a Star Command space vehicle crash lands on a distant planet and is now in the process of creating a ship to get them off the planet. Buzz volunteers himself to be the test pilot for the ship, but when he does, he teleports himself into the future where the planet is being attacked by robots commanded by someone called Zurg. When Buzz lands in this new time, he finds a group of cadets who intend to destroy Zurg’s ship and Buzz decides to join them. Despite this movie explaining why Andy loved Buzz so much, which was kind of weird, this film works really well by giving a backstory to one of the most famous Toy Story characters of all time. To Infinity and Beyond!

Bullet Train—10/10

So first off, have you ever seen a movie that has so much intense energy that you think no movie could ever replicate it? Well, Bullet Train takes all that intense energy and puts it on a high-speed train. An American assassin whose codename is “Ladybug” is tasked with boarding a train to find a very specific briefcase and get off. But it turns out that this job is not as easy as it first seems because there are a bunch of other assassins on this train who are also looking for the same briefcase. All of them are connected in a confusing string of webs, which pulls all of them together and they are all on one single vehicle taking them straight to the end of the line.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold—8/10

Hey, so did you ever watch the Nickelodeon show Dora the Explorer when you were younger? Well, someone decided to take that cartoon character and make it live-action. But despite that weird choice, the movie is still pretty solid. For years, Dora has spent her life living in the jungle with her parents. But when her parents go in search of a lost city, she is sent to live with her cousin Diego and attend high school. Then, during a school trip to the museum, Dora and her school group are kidnapped and are soon pulled into a classic jungle adventure where they encounter mercenaries and discover ancient ruins. So, if you were a fan of Dora when you were younger and are wondering how she would look in live-action, then check out this movie. It’s a good movie for a little bit of nostalgia and fun to watch with friends. Shazam!

Fury of the Gods—9/10

This movie is way more mature than the last one and has a real sense of desperation to it. So, all the kids are superheroes and are performing duties in the city, but an even bigger threat has arrived. The Daughters of Atlas have come to steal the powers from the kids and seek revenge because the wizard that gave Billy all the powers actually killed Atlas. So, that’s why his daughters have come to hunt down the kids and steal all of the powers back. This has a lot of action, a thrill of suspense, and things I never would’ve expected.”

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