News from Jubilee Lodge

We have been very busy at Jubilee Lodge. Our gardening team have continued to maintain their enthusiasm and hard work whatever they do. Recently we have enjoyed creating some festive cheer by making some beautiful yet simple Christmas decorations. We have used natural and recycled materials which our young people have used to produce some attractive and unique ornaments. Andres very patiently painted some of our wooden logs to make table decorations.

Young Kuk has been teaching us a few simple Makaton signs which is very helpful.

Many of our gardening team have helped to revamp the bunting that hangs on the side of the shed. We used tie-dye and now we have a bright and cheerful display against the grey days of winter. Xavie, Holly, Andres, and Amanda really got stuck in with this project.

We continue to volunteer at Osterley Park in the Great Meadow. Our gardening team are really getting their fair share of fresh air and exercise. The ongoing task of cutting back and pulling up the brambles has helped us to truly understand the meaning of teamwork. And we are very pleased to say that we are really beginning to make a difference. It has been a great way to get to know the National Trust rangers and gardening team. Phil, the head ranger, is more than happy to let us work independently. A sign that he is pleased with the job we are doing.

Thank you to Jairaj and Geoff who did an amazing job of decorating the Jubilee Lodge Christmas tree. Also, to Cathy and Rani who put up the tree lights. Many park users have said how lovely it is and how happy it has made them when they see it in the park.

Well done to Jairaj and Phoebe, using their artistic skills to make beautiful Christmas tree baubles. Taj used his skills with a saw to cut the wood for some amazing tree baubles

Cathy and Carole would like to thank all our garden team members, volunteers, carers and support workers who have helped to make the gardening project a real success. We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2022. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

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