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Scott Pilgrim VS The World—10/10

This is one of the craziest movies I have ever seen. This movie is like a collection of various different things. The main plot is that there is a boy called Scott Pilgrim and he plans to date a girl called Ramona Flowers. There is just one small problem. Ramona tells Scott that in order to date her, he must defeat 7 of her evil exes. Luckily Scott is more than prepared for this, because the world Scott Pilgrim lives in is like a video game. Not like an actual video game in real life, he just lives in a world with video game elements. But despite that, this movie is totally insane! It’s got more action than you could ask for, a romance story that’s not cliche and video game elements that actually work. So go and see this movie. I promise you won’t regret it.

The 5th Wave—8/10

Now most apocalyptic movies usually focus on the adults going through this life-threatening event. Not the kids who are just acting as side characters in all the craziness. But this movie shakes things up a bit, with a big emphasis on the kids. Sure the adults are there, but they’re not the main focus. Instead, the teenagers and the young kids are. The plot is all about an alien invasion that happens in five terrifying waves. The main characters are a teenager called Cassie and her younger brother called Sam as they try to somehow carry on living with the threat of aliens on the horizon. This is one movie that lets us see the world falling apart from a different perspective, and seeing it from a young child’s perspective makes it more terrifying. This one movie does something that no other apocalyptic movie does: putting you in the shoes of a young and innocent child trying to survive with no adults to help you.

Cool Runnings—10/10

This is a true story about strength, courage, resilience and endurance. It’s all based on the true story of a bobsled team coming from the hot island nation of Jamaica. After a Jamaican sprinter loses his chance to compete in the Olympics, he enlists his best friend and two other Jamaican people to put together the world’s very first Jamaican bobsled team. They are going to have to face a lot of challenges if they hope to compete. Not just in a sport that they know nothing about, but also ridicule from other people who believe that they shouldn’t compete in this particular kind of sport. So the question is: Can they actually do it? Can four dudes from one of the world’s hottest places on earth compete in one of the world’s coldest sports? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out how this story unfolds.

Christopher Robin—10/10

The most beloved characters of all time, from the Hundred Acre Wood are back. This movie follows the life of grownup Christopher Robin. A person who has lost his way in the world and is stressed with work all the time. But when Winnie the Pooh can’t find any of his friends he goes off to find Christopher Robin and ask him for help. Throughout this movie, Christopher Robin learns what really is important in life and soon rediscovers his childhood wonder again. This movie teaches us to never forget our childhood because soon it might disappear forever. Just like how this movie takes the old classic Disney characters from our childhood and brings us back to the Hundred Acre Wood. All with a loveable heartwarming tale that will touch the hearts of everybody who sees it.

Raya and The Last Dragon—9/10

When you first go into this movie you’ll be in for a big surprise, because they start with a subverted trope that you don’t usually see in movies. But let me tell you about the plot first. Many years ago humans and dragons lived side by side when a dark force threatened their land. So the dragons in a last-ditch effort sacrificed themselves to protect the humans. Many years after that no one has seen a dragon since. But when the same dark force comes back to take over the land again, Raya a lone warrior, goes on a journey to find the last living dragon that could possibly save the world. Now Raya is part of this subverted trope. We see that long ago, she trusted someone who then went and betrayed her. So, because of that, she becomes a person who barely trusts anyone meeting someone who is more open and friendly. Which is really interesting to see. So the overall theme of trust is certainly a key point throughout the movie, the fight scenes are intense, the visuals are beautiful, and the movie ends with a very hopeful ending.

Earth to Echo—10/10

Now this movie is a found footage movie AKA: a movie that is made up of clips from normal cameras and just what it captured. But this movie is actually filmed on three different things: A normal camcorder, a GoPro and glasses with a hidden camera in it. Most found footage movies are horror ones, but this movie instead takes a more sci-fi approach. The story is about three very close friends who find an alien in the desert and attempt to get him back home. This type of genre is really interesting because, the things that are seen on the screen, look totally real. Also, we’re being told that they actually happened and we don’t argue because the footage was caught on any normal camera. It’s not like a film camera that films things on fake sets. It is a normal camera that films things in real life. It’s like the person who’s behind the camera is the director themselves. All the main actors are kids and the filming actually feels like it is done by the kids and that brings a sense of realness to the film when you watch it. So if you want a found footage movie that’s not at all horror then I would definitely recommend this movie.


This movie has a captivating story, amazing songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and overall just stunning visuals throughout. Now this Disney movie takes us to Colombia to meet a family called The Madrigals. A family where every family member is given a gift, from being super strong to controlling the weather with your mind. Every family member except one, Mirabel. Turns out she was the only person in the family who, for some reason, didn’t get a gift. But when Mirabel discovers the family magic is in trouble she decides that it’s her chance to prove to the family that she is just as special as anyone else. This movie seems to tell us that you don’t need a magical gift to be special. You just have to believe that you are special just the way you are. No matter who you are or what you do, being just you is the most special thing of all.

Free Guy—10/10

This movie is filled to the brim with the absurdity and craziness that is well-known by Ryan Reynolds. A person called Guy just seems like a normal person going about his daily life. But he doesn’t realise that he’s just an NPC (non-playable character) in an online video game called Free City. When he realises the truth he sets out to change the whole game and also forge his own path. There are a lot of intense and funny scenes throughout the movie and Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Guy perfectly. A normal person who discovers a new and completely different world beyond his mundane existence. And then turning into a hero who tries to save the only world that he’s ever known and everyone else in it. Making this a perfect movie to watch any time of day.

The Bad Guys-10/10

When going to see this movie you’ll be in for a real treat. This movie is actually quite enjoyable. It features both animals and humans, with the majority being humans, but the animals are the main focus. The five main animals are the most dangerous animals ever known: A shark, a tarantula, a piranha, a snake and finally the big bad wolf. (Yes, that big bad wolf from all the children’s stories you read) Since everyone is scared of them, they believe that they can only be bad guys. So they become a team of criminals and make many successful heists. But when they are finally caught, they make a deal with a guinea pig professor, called Professor Marmalade, to help keep them out of prison. (A deal that they don’t intend to keep.) The bad guys will become the good guys. But along the way the wolf, called Mr. Wolf starts thinking that maybe being good isn’t so bad. Will Wolf be able to convince his team to go good or will they stay the being just the bad guys for the rest of their lives?

The Batman-8/10

Now this Batman movie is nothing like its predecessor’s. So whatever you thought of the Batman before, just throw it out of your mind. In this version, the Batman embraces detective side of him that we rarely see. When a string of murders starts happening it leads Batman down a dark road of lies and secrets. Secrets that even he didn’t know about. It’s got more violence than you could ask for, realistic portrayals of the characters and an intense mystery that leads to an explosive end.

All reviews By L Thexton

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